Software Engineering focuses on developing and designing high-quality software while considering the users behavior and their requirements at all levels. It focuses on building software from the first stages through problem analysis, solution design, software building, testing, installing and maintaining.

Upon successful completion of the diploma, you can bridge to university to get a Bachelor Degree in one of many available specializations related to Information Technology, such as Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering.


  • British certificate from Pearson
  • Certificate from LTUC

Expected Job Opportunities

  • JavaScript Software Engineer
  • Full-stack Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Backend Java Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Python Software Engineer
  • Django Application Developer
  • Java Developer


Required level exams:

  • Arabic language 99
  • English language 99
  • Computer Skills
  • Students are exempted from taking these subjects if they pass the level exam at the beginning of each semester.

Program Structure

Course Details

Duration: 2 Years – 101 Hours

Tuition: 59 JOD/Hour

Max. No. of Semesters: 6

Semester Duration: 4 Months