Code 101: Explore Software Development

This course introduces beginners to the world of software development. Find out if a career in tech and programming or if our Code 201 course is right for you.

Code 102: Intro to Software Development

Ready to move past the concepts covered in Code 101? In this course you will blast through Khan Academy’s JavaScript tutorials and get a better understanding of programming.

Code 201: Foundations of Software Development

Get training to use HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to create interactive web pages that will prepare you for an internship at a tech company or our Code 301 course.

Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

Learn the common core of software development and fundamentals. Become a web producer, product manager, entry-level website builder, or continue to Code 401.

Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript

Learn career placement skills, build full-stack web applications and become a full-stack JS developer to land a high-paying job in the industry.